The Conscious Creators Path To Freedom...

Align Your Mind, Body, And Energy with BEing Well.

I help anxious wanderers and spiritual seekers transform the cause of their symptoms and dis-ease and break-free from the  feeling of "something more."

What's Your Well-being Barrier? 

Healing To Ignite Personal Power

Five Steps To Freedom

Take my hand and I'll walk you step-by-step through the 5-part methodology that unlocks the missing piece you've been searching for.

You'll arrive at clarity, create mind-body balance, clear blocks and barriers, and feel empowered and strong in creating physical, mental, and emotional well-being--without it being hard or taking a long time.

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Healed and Unlimited


You have everything you need within you to transcend limitations and tap into your unique, unlimited, and transformative healing energy.

Hi , I'm Martha

I’m widely known as a leader in Quantum Field Mind-Body Medicine and Spiritual Self Transformation

Here to help you heal, from the inside out—to create profound physical, mental, emotional well-being so you can live the life you came here to live.

Getting my body, mind, and spirit on board with my dream for a purpose-full, healthy life was a not a straight shot to success, as you'll hear from my story.

But I'll teach you how to awaken the real you, align with your truest self, and embody all the well-being and greatness that is written in the stars, (and cosmos) for you.

This is how you satiate that desire for "Something More."

I am finding the true me and it is exhilarating! I am lighter for the time I have spent with Martha

Jennifer Cormican - Heart of WEllness - New Jersey

It's time to step into your wholeness

For over two decades, I’ve empowered clients and students on 4 continents to uncover and break through the unconscious blocks and barriers that are keeping them stuck in recurring patterns, dis-ease, and living an unfulfilled life.

My calling is to help you elevate your energy, master your mind, and grow your personal power and consciousness—so you can heal from the inside out, and transform your life.

To guide you to align with the purpose, relationships, prosperity and well-being you are destined for.

If you're new to my work, I've curated the beginner's collection just for you.

Martha is incredible. She is able to see things  you can't even imagine.  I feel so much clarity and relief.  

Liliana Perez - event craft Studio - Pennsylvania

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Martha gives you tools to move forward and use for the rest of your life...and she motivates and inspires you to put them into practice.

Wiebke Süßtoff- Wiebi Holistic Health- GErMANY

Healing To Spark Personal Power

Grab my free audio meditation. 

Gain Access to Your Healing Spark—Download a 20-minute guided audio experience I'll introduce you to the very thing you need to create your transformation—your true essence, your Highest Self.

Martha shares her knowledge and wisdom generously; she truly is an Earth Angel providing guidance so we realize our own gifts.

Anita Grace - Alicante, Spain

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